Non-Profit Participation

Are you an SOF aligned or supporting charitable organization or non-profit looking to raise funds to support your mission? If you represent a SOF-supporting, non-profit organization that is willing to expand the reach and awareness of this project via your membership and supporters using email, social media and other outreach avenues, please fill out the below form. 

Once selected to participate in the program, your organization will be given a unique URL to invite your audience to purchase a bottle of Special Operations Salute Whiskey. For each bottle sold, your organization will receive 100% of the non-profit-dedicated proceeds from that bottle sale  (remitted quarterly). 

In addition, your organization will also receive a percentage of the donations from bottles sold through other channels.

Please send us an email for more information.

Note: All organizations will be vetted to ensure they meet the mission statements of this project. Please make every effort to fill out the application below completely and accurately.