D-Day 80th Anniversary







June 6th 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of “D-Day”, the initial phase of Operation Overlord, the storied Allied invasion of Normandy, France in 1944. This epic battle started as a carefully coordinated, surprise assault - at night and in poor weather conditions - by air, sea, and land against hardened German defenses. By many measures the greatest “Special Operation” of World War II, this attack had to be successful; there was no back-up plan.

We are humbled to offer three, limited D-Day Editions of our Special Operations Salute™ Whiskey series - SEA, AIR, and LAND - in honor of D-Day’s valiant warriors. Their undaunted courage, resolute tenacity, and willingness to make staggering personal sacrifices helped liberate France and broke the German stranglehold on Western Europe, turning the tide of the war.

The original lithograph titled “TO THE GUNS” by famed artist and veteran Michael Solovey, was commissioned specifically for this release. It memorializes the exceptional heroes of D-Day who – against every instinct of self-preservation – sailed, flew, parachuted, glided, assaulted beaches, climbed cliffs, and plowed through hedgerows directly into the teeth of the Nazi war machine. While chaos and confusion initially reigned and losses were nearly overwhelming, they persevered through sheer grit, adaptation, and determination to win the fight.

Read about our family connection to D-Day - Captain William W. Paty Jr.

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 Gift with 3 bottle purchase.

This frameable 8x10 custom print is our gift to you with the purchase of any three, D-Day Edition bottles.